Desserts Simple Dessert of Lim’n without Oven

In this program... Pauline believes that her outfit doesn't match with the dessert.


Welcome to the fourth season of videos of Paulina Kitchen!

We start with one of the desserts simple most amazing I have ever seen in my life.

This dessert of lemon is magical!

His name is Lemon Posset and has the particularity that the mixing milk cream with lemon this is not short, but that solidifies becoming a thick cream, soft and tasty.

This dessert of lemon has a history: it is a cream English of medieval origin, I guess with some ingredient changes (like refined sugar). What I don't understand very well is why it has French name.

I originally stumbled across this recipe on Food52, while I was looking for recipes for desserts simple for christmas. The recipe I found it curious so I asked Paulina to try it.

Made the recipe without a lot of expectation, more than anything he was interested to see that the cream doesn't cut it with the lemon. The result was good and again the dessert of lemon the following week, modifying the amount of sugar because we had been very sweet. Finally we met a lemon cream rich and elegant, ideal for serving at a dinner.

In order to friends, I leave you with the video, you'll see what a breeze it is to prepare, you are going to surprise you.

Until next time!

Nicola Garupa




lemon posset: in the top 5 of my desserts simple

  • 1/2 liter of cream milk
  • 150g. sugar
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • Zest of half a lemon


Desserts simple Dessert of lemon without oven

how it's done

1. Place the cream of milk with the sugar over medium heat. Stir with a whisk until the cream is dissolved.

2. When you start to make bubbles which indicate that it is ready to boil, lower the heat.

3. Once it is boiling, stir non-stop for 2 exact minutes.



the only secret of this dessert of lemon is to prevent sobrehierva. That is, if at some point begins to appear in the foam that rises when boiling, remove immediately from the heat. If this happens, the dessert of lemon will come out the same but the texture will be gritty instead of smooth.


4. After these two minutes, remove from the heat.

5. Add the juice of the two lemons and stir a little to combine.

6. Add the zest of lemon*, let stand 5 minutes and pour into molds for dessert.

7. Allow to cool and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, best if overnight.


*I have the recipe I saw it as well but here the friend Guerrilla provided later that it is better to put the lemon zest at the beginning so that the fat will absorb the flavor and to achieve a better extraction of flavors, so there I leave the data.



Desserts simple Dessert of lemon without oven

so is this lemon posset


I leave you the link to the video of the sauce of red fruits with which to accompany the dessert of a lemon.

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